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Circle X Ranch..............home of the Circle X Riders, Inc.


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What can YOU do?

Any club/organization/group has needs. 

 The main need is for the membership to get involved!

Do you have to be a member to get involved?  Absolutely not!  

There are many ways that our friends and supporters can help.  

 Many people are willing to do,  what they can do,   when they can,

 if they only knew what to do! 

The purpose of this page is to try to keep the membership informed as to the many ways they can help.  Most of the maintenance is done by volunteers. 

Some things are only occasional.  Others are ongoing. 

If everyone helps, then it is less stress and strain on those leading the organization throughout the year.

     After any function in the Clubhouse, there is always the usual straightening of chairs, sweeping of floors, taking out of trash, checking of restrooms.  If everyone pitches in, then within a matter of minutes, everything is done and everyone can leave for home at about the same time. ( It is also greatly appreciated!)

     Throughout the year there are various functions that require certain tasks.  Listed below are some of those functions and the tasks required for their success.

     General Maintenance:  Mowing, weeding, pick up trash and limbs, maintain trails, check restrooms, sweeping clubhouse.

     Fun Horse Shows: 

          Money takers at the gate.

          Two people to set up/tear down the entry booth.

          Two- three people to work the entry booth.

          An announcer.

          Two to three arena workers.

          Cookshack volunteers.

          (If we are short of volunteers, many of these jobs are performed by the same

         people, and they  get VERY TIRED!)  


     Dog Races:

         Gate money taker.

         2-4 Cooks for the kitchen.

         Housekeeping after the event.



          Money taker.

          Kitchen workers.




          Clerks at the sign up table.

          Clerk with the auctioneers.

          Kitchen workers.

          Bid catchers.

          Helpers to unload the vendor van before and to reload whatever is left.


     These are just a few of the tasks.  At any time you are at the Circle X and you see something that needs done, but you have questions about doing it, feel free to call one of the board members for confirmation.  Thanks!